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Join us for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 am.

Nursery Care provided for Children 0 to 3 years of age.

Younger worshipers through Grade 5 worship with us through the "Scripture Conversation" with Pastor, then go to Sunday School.


We worship in an historic building, and follow a fairly traditional worship order - but we are not formal or inflexible about it!

We greet each other with contagious enthusiasm - and with Christ's Peace - as the service starts.  We welcome the chatter and cries of children, and seek to engage them with the scripture of the day through their "Scripture Conversation" with the Pastor, before they head to Sunday School.  We respond with laughter and sometimes applause to humor and causes for celebration.  And we respond with prayer to what is on our hearts and minds, receiving Prayer Request cards during the offering to be lifted up in the Prayers of the People.  We hear God's Word through the Scriptures each week, listening to a sermon to hear how it speaks to us today.  We receive an offering, as an opportunity to act upon our commitment to Christ and the mission of this congregation.  Music fills the Meeting House throughout the service, through the offering of hymns, choir, and  bell anthems.  Music can speak to us and for us in ways words alone cannot.  And, after the service, we feast on good food and fellowship each Sunday in Fellowship Hall!

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The Lord's Supper, or communion, is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.  All are welcome to partake.

Baptism is celebrated upon request and a meeting with the Pastor.




In addition to regular Sunday Services, we also offer:

Christmas Eve Services - A Family service and a Traditional Candlelight Service

Renewal of Baptismal Vows - 2nd Sunday in January

Lenten Community Suppers & Services - rotating among our community churches on Wednesday evenings during Lent

Maundy Thursday Supper and Service - a simple supper and meditative service with communion, observing Jesus' Last Supper with his


Easter Sunrise Service - with the Methodists, we lead a service for the community down on the pier as the sun comes up over the

Delaware River

Pentecost Sunday - we celebrate the gift of God's Holy Spirit to the disciples, then and now

World Communion Sunday - On the first Sunday in October, we join other Christians around the world in celebrating the sacrament

together.  We share scripture in different languages, and use breads from around the world!



The following links will take you to information regarding weddings and funerals at our church.

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