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We Presbyterians are Christians.  And that is the most important thing that we are.  We are believers in and followers of Jesus.

What do Presbyterians believe?


Like other Christians, Presbyterians believe in:


  • God:  The Creator of the Universe

  • Christ:  The incarnation of God on Earth

  • The Holy Spirit:  The presence of God in the world and in the believer

  • The Church:  The universal company of Christ's followers

  • Forgiveness of Sin:  Made possible by the crucifixion of Jesus

  • Life Everlasting:  Made possible by the resurrection of Jesus

  • The Bible:  The inspired Word of God, through which God still speaks and guides

How does New Castle Presbyterian Church celebrate the sacraments?


We recognize two sacraments, as described in the Bible:  Baptism and the Lord's Supper.


Baptism unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God's family, the Church.  We believe that it is an initiation into the church community, as ordered by Christ.  Because this is an act of God's grace, it only needs to happen once - God gets it right the first time!  We recognize the baptisms performed in other churches.  And, we offer a Renewal of Baptismal Vows for those seeking to have an occasion to mark a renewed faith commitment.  We see baptism as a public confession, not a private one - it is a statement of faith made in the presence of others, and with vows of support made by the congregation.  When baptizing babies, parents make the vows on the child's behalf, and promise to nurture them in the life of the church.  We then walk the baby through the congregation to make an introduction to their new church family.   When baptizing adults, they speak for themselves and walk on their own two feet!


The Lord's Supper, also called Communion or the Eucharist, is celebrated typically on the first Sunday of the month.  Most often, it is served in the pews, though sometimes we are called forward to receive it by intinction, dipping the bread into the cup.  Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of me."  We partake to recall Jesus' life-giving love for us, and to renew our faith and commitment as his followers.

What does THAT WORD mean?

"Presbyterian" comes from a Greek word in the New Testament "presbuteros," meaning elder.  But that doesn't mean we are all OLD!  It refers to the way we are governed.  Each Presbyterian congregation chooses and elects from among its membership elders to lead the congregation in its mission and service.  It is this Presbyterian way that became the model for the representative democracy when our nation was being formed.

How do I become a member of New Castle Presbyterian Church?


To be a member of a Presbyterian church - and of New Castle Presbyterian Church - is to confess the Christian faith, trust in Jesus Christ as our  Savior, promise to follow Christ and Christ's example for living, and commit oneself to be a faithful church member, giving and growing in faith and service with the congregation.  In Presbyterian congregations, it is the Session (Board of ruling elders) who has the privilege of receiving new members.  If you are interested in more information about uniting with this congregation, please contact the office.

How can I learn more?


If you are interested in learning more about the Presbyterian Church, please click here!

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