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We, who are New Castle Presbyterian Church, welcome you!


We welcome you to get to know us through this website - but we truly hope you'll come and get to know us in person.  Because that is how we can get to know you, too!  You'll find a congregation with deep roots in history here in New Castle.  And you'll find a church family with wide arms, open minds, and hope for our future.  We worship together, serve together, share ideas, special traditions, and laughter together, as we seek to follow the way of Jesus.  We are here to grow our faith in good company - and we'd love to welcome and include you.


Who is welcome?

Everyone!  Members, friends, seekers, those with questions, those with doubts, those with hurts, those with desires to help, those seeking a new start, a sense of purpose, a place of refuge, a connection with others, some spirit-lifting hope.

We are members of More Light Presbyterians. Here is a video showing our welcoming spirit!


We welcome you - just the way God made you.  Which is just the way you are.  Click here to learn more!

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