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Nurturing the faith begins with providing Nursery Care during the worship hour for the youngest among us (0-3 years of age).  Through creative play, a story time, and loving attention, infants and toddlers learn about God's love, and come to feel at home with their church family.

Please Note:  All among our rotating Nursery Care volunteers work in teams of 2, and undergo background checks, per our church's policy.

After the Scripture Conversation, children are invited to go to the 2nd floor of the Christian Education Building. Babies through four-year-olds go to nursery where two volunteers will care for them. Please fill out the registration form for each child in your family.


Children ages five through eleven go with Ms. Diana and another volunteer for Sunday School. Please fill out the registration form for each child in your family.




Join us Thursdays at 1:00pm to learn more about the Reformation through the Yale Bible Study series - To kick off our series, we'll gather in person at NCPC on September 8 and then via zoom the rest of the month. For more information, contact Pastor Miriam. 



Several times a year, a meal and program are offered after church on topics like:  Memory Care, CPR Training, Mindfulness, Our Environment, and Stewardship. We look forward to the day when we can participate in these safely.

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