The 13th annual Spirit of Christmas was almost snowed out! Despite the weathercasters' predictions to stay home, many brave and happy people filled our streets, our homes, and our fellowship hall and Meeting House to enjoy the season, to listen to beautiful music, and to support the homeless.

Many thanks go to our hard-working chairs of the event: Carol Mayhew, Pat Taylor, and Nanette Nichol. Many thanks also to the chairs of the individual activities: crafts (Ellie Gerhart & Barbara Whisman), books (Susan Flook & Miranda Matthews), soup & bread (Janet Reed, Ray Snyder, & Susan Townsend), Look What $20 Will Buy (Joan Appleby & Sandy Walker), refreshments (Brenda Walters & Karen Dobson), publicity (Kelly Koczak McCurdy and Charlotte Mitchell-McDowell), signs (Lyn Briggs, Gene Mayhew, Corky Viola), volunteers (Julie Barry & Amy Selheimer), programs (Lyn Briggs), receptionist (Mary Cebenka), Shirley and Dan Knox, and more. Many thanks to our talented musicians. Many thanks to those who opened up their homes. Many thanks to you who contributed items for sale, baked bread, made soup, baked cookies, and served as clerks and hosts. You have spread the good news of Christ's accepting love and contributed to the sum of over $8,000 that was sent to Friendship House ministries for older men and for women and children who are now given a home.

We are also grateful for the tireless efforts of New Castle City employees and officials and to the leadership and members of the New Castle Visitor's Bureau, especially Gene Dempsey. This is a job well done! God transformed the day through us into a blessing for all.

Spirit of Christmas

  New Castle Presbyterian Church